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Why “Rugged Individualist”?

by Rugged Individualist

This blog is a reflection of the insight I gather from the natural world around me, focused primarily on observations of its ways coupled with a healthy critique of and discontent for the ways in which the modern world operates around us. This is a blog about not only my observations and thoughts of nature for the sake of curiosity and philosophical dialogue, but also to implore readers to synchronize their lives with the themes and interactions of the natural world. This, in many instances, comes in significant contrast to the ideologies of our present society. The why of Rugged Individualist is to explore the infinitely vast realm of the natural world’s character and use that as the standard to impress upon our own lives. I want this blog to be an experiment of enlightenment.

I seek to align my life with the virtues of nature in order to live a more fulfilling and enlightened existence that embraces the natural world by finding within it guidance, growth, and nourishment of the physical, mental, and spiritual kind. This blog is not merely a petulant rebuke of societal failures and misguided ways. Although I deem our cultural, social, and environmental values, especially, to be severely lacking, I am more focused on the change that can be made within the confines of our mindsets and actions that will spread throughout the larger social conscious.

One of my overarching goals is to help readers become more conscious of the natural world’s values and how it can significantly improve their quality of life. If enough individuals start to explore, cultivate, and embrace a transcendental view of nature for which they are rewarded intrinsically, we can make a great impact. I sincerely believe that change lies in deciding what we value. What we value is determined much from the things we derive satisfaction, well-being, and balance from. Let this blog help you explore the value you place on the natural world, simpler living, and self-sufficiency by finding the fulfillment you can achieve from each.

I believe enlightenment is delivered through learning, through introspection, through the experimentation within thought disciplines. Self-reliance builds enlightenment. Modern society fails to do so in many regards. We may learn and we may develop in modern society, but we do not become enlightened. Modern conveniences encourage us to accept and adopt and have our wants, as we are far beyond having needs, fulfilled. Enlightenment is achieved fulfillment through self-obtained value.

Pervading themes in this blog are:

  • Lifestyle simplification
  • Self-reliance
  • Fulfilling, self-growth through exploration of nature

What kind of reader will this blog resonate with?

This blog will appeal to those readers who enjoy vivid description, boundless curiosity, and a non-conforming view of societal structure and our interactions with it. My writing is for those that have some degree of appreciation, whether shallow or deep, for the simple pleasures of nature and its non-diminishing capabilities to bring balance, complacency and joy to life. This is a blog for people that want to explore their thoughts and feelings through the contemplation of new ideas, consideration of different perspectives, and fulfillment from fresh sources.

Whether you draw from this blog inspirational value, practical value, or simply utilize it as a reading escape from the modern commotion all around, this blog is, like many things what you make of it. It is unapologetically written with a focus on the themes mentioned earlier. Look forward to tips and tricks for simple living and nature adoption in everyday life. Look forward to reading recommendations, interesting videos, article suggestions, and vignettes from the great transcendentalists of present and past, as well as much more.

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